Back in Business

I took a break from the blog back around when 4.0.1 hit mostly because there wasn’t anything to talk about.  I had shelved my major goldmaking work and focused on leveling my Shaman.

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The Dwarf Moves South….and Retires?

Not quite, but close.  In short, I’m not too comfortable with all of the Hunter changes.  The class is also, finally, starting to feel slightly stale to me.  4.0.1 brought a lot of changes, but also showed some glaring weaknesses in the class redesign.  Most notably for me: we weren’t scaling nearly as well as some other classes (Warlock, Mage, Warr to name some).  As such, we were barely beating tanks in Heroic ICC and therefore were arguably liabilities to a raid.

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Ok, super easy filler post.  I’m going to start a new posting regimen where I get a new post up for each of my blogs once per week.  I need to add some activity to these puppies.

A little while ago, I was doing some major work on getting to the goldcap.  During that time, I decided I needed to make my various underleveled alts work more for me.  To that end, I took my second, idle Hunter and got here leveled to 65.  Before I got her leveled from 50, I powerleveled her Tailoring.  I know it’s an unusual profession for a Hunter, but it’s an alt that will never see serious play and I wanted to start playing in the Tailoring market.

Long story short, I’ve been buying Netherweave Cloth at 6g/stack and lower.  Until the last two weeks or so, NW bags (which use exactly one stack of NW and one rune thread) were selling for 10g+ each.  Lately, they are around the 8g range (I’ve seen them as low as 6g).  Despite this fact, they remain a nice little side money-making venture.  If you have a Tailor or an idle alt, I highly recommend setting this up.  If you don’t care about higher level pattens (such as Frostweave Bags), you can stop at level 50 and still get high enough skill to make the bags.

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Dragon Down!

After much effort and much consternation, we were able to get Sindragosa HM down!  Unfortunately, this managed to happen the night where I couldn’t stay alive for the life of me.  I’ll have to check the WoL report, but I died at least 12 times and wouldn’t be surprised if it was closer to 20 times.  Considering we had minimal attempts on a progression boss and then had some minor wipefests on Putricide HM, it’s still a lot of deaths.

I’m not sure what it is.  I’ll just have to chalk it up to having taken a week off of raiding due to a work trip.

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In Mourning….Kinda

I was busy with watching our baby the first half of this week, so I missed our raid night on Tuesday.  Luckily, the crew was able to make a lot of progress, leaving us with Putricide, Sindragosa and LK for last night.  This was perfect since we have been working on Heroic Putricide (they apparently got him down to 3% on one attempt on Tuesday).  Our first Shadowmourne recipient was also only one Shard away from his weapon, so we were all jazzed about finally downing Putricide and moving on.

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I’m over here now!

So, I’m trying to resurrect this blog.  I’ve imported my old info from my Blogger site mostly because I can get the site name that I want on WordPress.  Plus WP seems a bit more intuitive; at least for the time being.

Lack of New Posts (again)

Yeah, so, this work trip is eating my life.  I’m hoping to be back to a somewhat normal life schedule by next week, then I can start adding some relevant posts.  I’ve been playing a tweaked Pauper Stars ‘n Bars deck on MTGO that I want to discuss.  WoW is also showing some changes so I want to discuss those.