Back in Business

I took a break from the blog back around when 4.0.1 hit mostly because there wasn’t anything to talk about.  I had shelved my major goldmaking work and focused on leveling my Shaman.

When Cata hit, my Shaman was 75 so I pushed her to 78 in hopes of getting to Cata content.  Imagine my surprise when I did some research, only to find a mere 8 quests in Cata that are open at 78!  This is a major departure from previous expansions, where (previous max – 2) was your minimum level.  I was “forced” to push to 80 in Wrath content before moving into Cata.

Not a big deal, just a setback.  I was able to get a hold of some Zygor guides to push me through the rest of Wrath and on into Cata (hint: doing the “women” faction in Storm Peaks, which leads to the Sons of Hodir chain and Thorim, is worth a good 2-3 levels).  It only took me maybe a week of steady attention to leveling for my Shaman to hit 85.

I went back to my Dwarf and got him to 82, then moved him into Deepholm.  I had him leveling there for a bit, then decided to take a break to step back and get a look at the gold picture:

130k in solid “savings” spread between two banks.  ~70k of working capital on my main AH toon.  And so I decided to push the Hunter’s profs to 500 asap to get moving on the daily cooldowns/quests for Alch and JC.  I’m still getting things set up so not a whole lot to report.

I’ve decided I need to get my Enchanter leveled to 80 to set her up as a DE mule, and then to push my other Hunter (JC/Tailor) to 80 to position her as a crafting mule.  This means my former main Hunter will likely sit at 82 for a bit.  I feel that the work on the Enchanter, in the least, is worth the effort.  Dust and Essences are crazy high in price right now and the JC market is flooded.  It’s a prime opportunity to start Shuffling!

More updates once I get the Enchanter set up.


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